Shark Race-R Pro GP FIM Helmet

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1- Shell built using reinforced COVA RS (Carbon On View & Aramid Racing Structure) in order to fully meet all requirements of the new FIM Racing #1 standard. This new, 100% Carbon Aramid structure offers increased resistance to both abrasion and compression, as well as an enhanced anti-delamination performance. The multi-density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) has been optimized for improved shock absorption.
2- Chin guard fitted with a removable, variable airflow anti-pollution filter.
3- Dual-density, EPU (Expanded Polyurethane) chin guard: Material designed above all to absorb shocks reverberating around the chin guard.
4- Ergonomic visor grip For improved handling and easy opening.
5- High-strength visor comes with an Optical Class 1 rating and variable thickness (ranging from 4.2 mm to 2.8 mm) without introducing any visual distortion. Treated to prevent scratches and fogging System installed to enable quick visor disassembly.
6- «Quick Spoiler Safety System»: Allows ejecting the spoiler in the event of a fall to limit the effects of secondary shocks and thereby guarantee the rider’s optimal safety.
7- Two-tone, high-tech «Alveotech» lining fabric featuring the Sanitized® label. This Sanitized® treatment ensures antimicrobial efficiency to prevent the propagation of bacteria when perspiring.It guarantees a cool contact over long periods for extra comfortduring a strenuous ride.
8- Wrap-around and breathable neck protection Specially designed for optimal acoustic insulation.
9- «Dual use», anti-fog breath guard with added functionalities: a fixed piece + a snap-on removable piece.
• Adapt to all types of weather conditions (cold, wind, etc.)
• Block out background noise
• Minimize turbulence.
10- New holographic certification label with an embedded QR Code:Helmet traceability with official identification by the Race Marshal before entering the track.
11- New technology used to cut out «3D morpho» cheek contoursProviding maximum comfort and support.
12- Shape memory ear pads that serve to muffle noise due to acoustic vibrations.

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