Dainese Nexus D-Wp Boots

Dainese Nexus D-Wp Boots

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Waterproof Dainese Nexus D-WP Boots, CE 2 certified, D-Axial ankle, replaceable punch tips and thermoplastic polyurethane.

Nexus D-WP Dainese Boot Features:

  • Zipper closure at the back
  • Flexible Joints
  • Microfiber upper
  • D-Stone Fabric
  • D-WP Waterproof Indoor
  • Touring boots with thermoplastic polyurethane inserts
  • High-TPU Inserts
  • Shift Protection
  • Rubber sole
  • Standard screw
  • Dainese Nexus D-Wp Boots CE Certificate - Cat. II - EN 13634 Standard
  • Reinforced nylon tip
  • Replaceable plastic slider (sold separately)

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